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Finnish donuts

January 27, 2011 1 comment



In Finland we have a tradition of celebrating the first of May.. a lot. Everyone who’s graduated from high school wears their white graduation caps and in most cases will get absolutely hammered by noon. On the softer traditions’ side you can find things like making donuts and mead – a special drink that is only made around this time of the year.

I’ve never made donuts before so this was a fun experience and required a few calls to my mom ;) The recipe’s from my grandmother who used to make donuts at our summer cottage – they always tasted divine.

0,5 l milk
50 g yeast
1 egg
2 tsp salt
2 tbsp cardamom
2-2,5 dl sugar
250 g butter
wheat flour

And here’s how to make the best donuts ever:
Warm the milk until it’s hand temperature (if you’re using dry yeast the temperature will need to be higher) and add yeast. Mix carefully. Add the egg, salt, cardamom and sugar. Mix well. Add wheat flour little by little and knead the dough in between. Add more flour until the dough doesn’t stick to the bowl or your hands anymore. Add the butter soft and cubed and knead the dough for a while still. Add the rest of the flour until the dough is ready.
Let the dough rise properly.
Then for the best part:
Form the donuts as you like. You can make “piggie donuts” by rolling rectangles of the dough, folding it in half and adding some apple jam in between and then sealing the package with a bit of water and forming the tips into “feet”. We used coconut oil for frying the donuts. It’s great for frying. I took small balls of the dough, rolled them into round buns and pushed my thumb through the bun so that I got a donut shape.
Next, I fried the donuts in coconut oil and dipped them in sugar. Just a small tip: if you don’t want to make “turbo  donuts” like I did, it’s good to remember that the dough swells in the hot oil.. ;)